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Sharing insights from his own experience and knowledge of historical slöjd, craftsman and author Jögge Sundqvist (Slöjd in Wood, 2018) shows woodworkers how to create meaningfully decorated wooden objects in this Swedish folk-art tradition.

He begins by describing basic chip-carving tools and materials, explaining knife grips and techniques for cutting lines, triangle chips, fingernail cuts and letters. He offers expert advice for painting finished work and creating unique designs.

The author describes a selection of tools used in constructing the household objects presented in 15 projects rated for skill level (easy, intermediate, advanced). He provides directions for making each object and guidance for carving decorative patterns, as well as painting tips. Projects include key fobs, knife handles, plaques, a cutting board, a kolrosed box, a spoon rack and a book box.

Supplemented with color photos, the book provides social and historical context for symbols and signs used to decorate older slöjd objects and closes with the author’s reflections on the artfulness of slöjd.

Hardcover, 7 1/4" × 9 3/4", 2021.

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