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The publishers of Quercus Magazine have made the decision to stop publication. This will be the final issue.

Quercus celebrates the art and craft of woodworking by hand, featuring the voices of craftspeople and makers from around the world. Named for the genus to which oak belongs, the magazine highlights workmanship and design, woodworking techniques, tools and traditions spanning the centuries.

This issue features an interview with Aspen Golaan about the founding of The Chairmaker’s Toolbox, a nonprofit offering assistance and free education for marginalized chair and tool makers. Derek Jones explores the history of cricket tables. The Armchair Woodworkie and Nick Gibbs make convincing arguments in favor of their preferred aprons, and an interview with Edward Bouvier, the Village Woodwright, explores how he started in woodworking and his pivot to teaching children.

Charles Mak details a few methods for handling PVA squeeze-out, and Jögge Sundqvist introduces three different grips for chip carving in the slöjd tradition and how to chip carve numbers and letters.

Dylan Iwakuni joins a group of children as they learn about Japanese woodworking and architecture by building a jungle gym. Jojo Wood and Sean Zanak discuss Pathfinders, a nonprofit they founded to bring woodcraft to people who normally wouldn’t have access as a way of promoting mental health and positive social change. Henry van Rooij restores a vintage two-person crosscut saw.

Quercus goes to the 2023 Handworks trade show in Iowa and discusses some of the notable names and exhibitors on site. Nick Gibbs explains his great fondness for the Veritas Bench Rules and Veritas Box-Maker’s Plow Plane. Masashi Kutsuwa reports on a workshop about the use of the nankin kanna, a unique Japanese spokeshave.

Other contributors include Joel Moskowitz explaining the folding treadle lathe from Gramercy Tools, Ian Parker testing the new Optima Chisel Plane from Blue Spruce, and traditional joiner Richard Arnold restoring some vintage joinery using modern materials.

Printed on thin recycled paper with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 63 pages, 2023.

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