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These unusually comfortable carving knives have ergonomically shaped wooden handles suitable for extended carving periods. Exceptionally sharp and easily controlled, the double-bevelled, high-carbon spring-steel blades (Rc52-54) come fully honed, ready for use.

The standard chip-carving knife has a 1" blade for deeper cuts and rapid material removal, as well as for incising well-defined straight and curved lines; the mini size, with its 5/8" blade, is a good choice for detailed work and for refining rough shaping cuts.

The 5/8" skew knife is ideal for paring cuts. The standard cutting and larger roughing knives have sturdy straight blades for quickly shaping work. Blades are 1 3/16" and 1 3/4" long respectively.

Available in two sizes, the detail knives have fine points for making precise cuts; the mini-detail knife has a 3/4" blade, while the larger size has a 1 5/16" blade.

The slicing action of the curved blades on the pelican knives permits excellent cut control when shaping. The large size has a 1 5/8" long blade and the mini-pelican has a 7/8" long thin blade for fine cuts.

Mini-knives are 5 1/4" overall; all others range from 5 1/2" to 6 5/8".

The set of four contains the more common knives: skew, cutting, detail and roughing.

The set of seven contains the skew, cutting, detail, mini detail, roughing, pelican and mini pelican knives.

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