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Requiring only a few hand tools, chip carving can be a rewarding hobby that yields beautiful results. To help you get started, this selection includes two good-quality carving knives, several basswood boards for practising cuts and creating designs, and a straightforward 105-page guide containing easy projects. Save over 20% on this selection compared to buying the items individually.

Flexcut Carving Knives

Each of these knives has an ergonomically shaped wooden handle suitable for extended carving periods. Exceptionally sharp and easily controlled, the double-bevelled high-carbon spring-steel blade (Rc52-54) comes fully honed, ready for use. The standard chip-carving knife has a 1" blade for deeper cuts and rapid material removal, as well as for incising well-defined straight and curved lines. The 5/8" skew knife is ideal for paring cuts.

Basswood Boards

A light-colored, medium-density wood often favored for carving, basswood is easy to work, with straight grain and a fine, even texture that takes detail well. The package of five 1/2" thick × 4" × 12" boards can be used in relief or chip carving.

Chip Carver’s Workbook

by Dennis Moor

This is a complete yet straightforward course in chip carving. Moor covers choosing wood, selecting and sharpening knives, proper grip and cutting technique, and finishing. Seven easy and useful projects (napkin holder, plant box, letter holder, trinket box, tissue box holder, mailbox, and cheese-and-cracker tray) allow you to practice with borders, grids, rosettes and lettering. Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 2005.

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