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Strong and rigid, yet lightweight and quick to adjust, these clamps offer several advantages over typical pipe clamps often used for panel glue-ups and other large-scale clamping applications.

The extruded bars measure 3/4" × 1 1/4", with thick, sturdy side walls for excellent resistance to bowing and twisting. Made of anodized aluminum, they not only resist rust, but they also won’t react with certain glues and woods to stain your work as steel bars can.

The bar remains reliably straight under clamping force, which helps keep the clamp flush to your work and stable on a workbench. Its rectangular shape also provides a more reliable registration surface than a round pipe when using additional clamps to keep your work held snug against the bar to help prevent misalignment when spanning large distances.

The moveable head has a spring clutch for fast adjustment on the notched bar, and the fixed head has a robust 11/16" diameter Acme-threaded steel screw for final tightening. Available in two lengths, each with a 1 5/8" throat depth. Sizes listed refer to maximum clamping capacity.

Dependable standbys in any workshop.

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