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Emitting a bright green crosshair beam for good visibility, this laser level is self-calibrating to provide clear lines for level and plumb, accurate to ±1.5mm at 5m (approximately 1/16" at 16'), with a working range of 15m (about 49'). Its field of projection is broad enough to cast the beam onto more than one surface at a time. This makes it easy to transfer a continuous reference around inside or outside corners, permitting accurate alignment of elements on adjacent surfaces.

The level has two modes of operation. In standard mode, its internal floating pendulum mechanism automatically stabilizes with gravity, correcting up to 3° of inclination. In the locked mode, the pendulum remains in a fixed position, allowing you to tilt the level to project a line at any angle. When the level is off, the same lock stabilizes the pendulum to help prevent damage from jostling.

The sturdy plastic housing measures approximately 3" × 3 1/4" × 2" and has a 1/4-20 threaded hole for mounting to a camera tripod (not included). Supplied in a rugged nylon storage case; three AA batteries included.

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