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At 1:3 scale of their full-size versions, our miniature workholding accessories are sized to fit in 17/64" dog holes. The workbench accessories set includes a Wonder Dog, a hold-down, four surface dogs and a pair of planing stops.

Work can be secured horizontally with a Wonder Dog or vertically with a hold-down. The clamping screw on the miniature Wonder Dog provides approximately 1 1/4" of travel. The hold-down has a 3" cast steel arm and a 3" post, and provides 1" of clamping capacity.

The set of four brass surface dogs ensures you have enough on hand for fast and repeatable work positioning. They can also be used in combination with the Wonder Dog, hold-down and planing stops. The face of each surface dog is 11/32" wide by 3/16" tall.

Each miniature planing stop slips over a pair of miniature surface dogs to present a solid bearing surface, allowing thin materials to be worked without obstruction. For tasks that involve the application of horizontal force in one direction, such as planing, a single stop can be used with no additional clamping. Stops can also be placed perpendicular to one another to capture two edges of the workpiece to prevent rotation. Offered as a pair. Each planing stop measures 4" × 1/2" and is made from 0.10" thick anodized aluminum.

Made in Canada.

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