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Lightweight, maneuverable and easy to adjust, these are innovative fret saws, with a unique blade holder and tension mechanism that greatly reduces time and frustration when changing and tensioning blades.

The aluminum frame has a lattice-like structure for excellent strength and rigidity with minimal weight. Thumbscrews capture even the smallest blades reliably, while just a quick pull on a cam and lever mechanism instantly applies tension, similar to a bandsaw quick-release. To rotate the blade, simply release the tension mechanism and turn the blade clamps to the desired position, up to 45° left or right from center. A detent lets you accurately reposition the blade at center.

The smaller saw has a 3" throat depth and weighs just 4.6 oz. The larger model has a 5" throat depth and weighs 4.8 oz. Supplied with a 15 tpi #7 skip-tooth blade, each has a hardwood handle and accepts standard 5 1/8" blades.

Made in USA.

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