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A backless saw, a kataba has a stiff blade and fast-cutting teeth for making deep cuts. This crosscut-pattern saw is ideal for sawing rough stock to length and for timber framing and large-scale joinery. The 10 7/16" long blade has 14.5 tpi; it also makes an efficient general-purpose crosscut saw for those who prefer Japanese saws.

The convex edge of the blade is designed to suit the natural arc of your arm as you saw, keeping teeth engaged in the wood for more of each cut. Made from 0.023" thick steel and cutting a 0.034" kerf, it resists binding and helps clear sawdust when making long cuts. By naturally producing a slight undercut, the shape of the blade ensures the visible edges of joints are tight.

The hook-fit blade is replaceable and has impulse-hardened teeth for edge retention. It attaches to the handle with a friction fit; to remove it, just carefully strike the back of the saw against a flat surface. Installing the new blade is as simple; tap the hook until it is fully seated.

At 23 5/8" long overall, this is a well-balanced saw. Made in Japan.

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