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Kataba are backless saws with a stiff blade and fast-cutting teeth, well suited for making deep cuts. This rip-tooth kataba makes short work of resawing rough stock to thickness, timber-framing work and large-scale joinery. It cuts hardwoods and softwoods with speed, and leaves a surprisingly smooth finish for the coarseness of the pattern.

The 11 13/16" long blade has a progressive tooth pitch; close to the heel of the blade, it has a finer 8.5 tpi to make starting cuts easier, whereas the toe has an aggressive 5 tpi for faster cutting. Made of 0.025" thick steel, it cuts a 0.036" kerf to reduce binding.

The replaceable blade has impulse-hardened teeth for edge retention. It hooks into the handle with a friction fit; to remove it, just carefully strike the back of the saw against a flat surface. Installing the new blade is as simple; tap the hook until it is fully seated.

An excellent Japanese saw for coarse work. 23 1/2" long overall.

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