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This compact jig lets you quickly and accurately drill 35mm cup holes for European-style hinges. There's no need to lay out the center of each hole; indexing cams allow you to set the jig from 3mm to 6mm from the edge of the door (depending on the backset of the hinges) and built-in metric and Imperial scales reference the jig from the top or bottom of the door.

The jig consists of two parts: a base and a drill guide with an integral 35mm carbide-tipped bit with 3/8" shank. With the base clamped in place, you simply insert the guide and drill consistently tidy, accurately placed cup holes.

An adjustable stop collar ensures the correct depth. Removing the drill guide gives access to guides for the hinge screw pilot holes (1/16" bit not included). The 35mm bit is also available separately.

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