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This jig helps you avoid mistakes and saves time when drilling mounting holes for cabinet knobs and pulls. Built-in metric and Imperial scales let you position the fence to reference the jig from the edge of the workpiece (from 1" to 5" in 1/8" increments and from 25mm to 115mm in 5mm increments).

For positioning in the other axis, you simply align the window in the jig with a marked centerline on the work. A single drill guide is used for knobs; when drilling for pulls, stops allow you to set two guides at common spacings (from 2 1/2" to 5" in 1/2" increments as well as 64mm, 96mm and 128mm). A hardened-steel bushing in each guide holds a 3/16" or 4.5mm bit (you supply), so you can consistently drill straight, accurately placed holes.

Clamp not included.

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