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The AccuRight Center Master blank creation system makes it possible to easily and consistently cut and mount circular lathe blanks (for bowl turning, hollow form projects, etc.) using the circle-cutting jig (sold separately).

The device allows even thick pieces of wood to be cut into round blanks and makes it possible to mount these blanks precisely centered onto a lathe face plate, minimizing vibration and getting your project off to a quick and safe start. Precisely cutting the blank also allows you to keep scrap to a minimum and use larger scraps of valuable wood for additional projects.

It consists of two parts: a wide sliding pivot plate for use with the circle-cutting jig and the Center Master face-plate adapter mounting jig to ensure perfect centering of the finished blank. It screws onto the mounted face plate and then registers onto the sliding pivot plate to ensure your blank is perfectly concentric.

Available for 1 1/4" × 8 tpi face plates or for 1" × 8 tpi face plates.

Made in USA.

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