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The AccuRight Log Mill is a secure sled system used to hold logs or irregular blanks securely for processing on the bandsaw. It can be used to square round stock by simply sawing off one side and laying the now-flat side on the mill fixture, re-clamping and milling the next face at exactly 90° to the first one. With two accurate reference faces, you can now use your regular fence to continue processing.

The mill consists of three main parts: a 3/4" wide by 3/8" thick miter bar, a 10 1/4" by 26" MDF core platform and a 2" capacity clamping frame with adjustable clamp heads. The miter bar adjusts to fit your miter slot without play. The platform is then positioned as close as possible to the bandsaw blade and attached to the miter bar. Last, the clamping frame is attached to the platform using T-bolts and is free to slide in the horizontal plane to present the best path for the blade through the clamped material.

It is simple, accurate and secure. Made in USA.

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