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This innovative kit provides the necessary hardware to build a large-capacity router sled for flattening slabs. The assembled sled lets you pass your router back and forth in an XY-plane to consistently flatten an entire slab.

Combined with materials you supply, the kit offers an excellent option for milling live-edge tabletop slabs that are too large for a conventional thickness planer and jointer, or for projects using wood with difficult grain such as crotch wood, burls or knots. It includes a CNC-routed Baltic birch router carrier and a pair of trunnions, as well as U-bolts, hex nuts, washers and nylon wheels. The wheels strung onto U-bolts form the glide mechanisms that allow the router carrier to travel along the rails.


To build the router sled, you’ll need nominal 1 1/2" electrical metallic tubing (EMT), tools and a router with a suitable flattening bit. If you don’t already have a proper surface to support the jig, the instructions include an easy-to-follow plan for building a supporting frame with risers that can be adjusted to accommodate workpieces of varying thickness. See the Care and Use tab for the instructions and plan.


A way to flatten slabs without buying a costly flattening mill.

Made in Canada.

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