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To improve safety and accuracy on a table saw, especially when working with thin materials, this featherboard keeps stock pressed firmly against the tabletop to reduce the risk of kickback and to help prevent it from lifting during the cut.

It uses a switchable magnetic clamp to mount on steel-topped Biesemeyer-style fences with an upper channel 1 7/8" to 2 5/8" wide; for wider channels, such as on the SawStop T-Glide fence, shimming is required. In the "on" position, the magnets align, exerting a strong hold with a breakaway strength of 150 lb. When the locking latch is disengaged, the magnets counteract each other, instantly releasing for easy removal or repositioning.

Molded from durable ABS, the 3 1/8" long by 9/16" wide featherboard is height-adjustable in a 4 5/16" range to accommodate various stock thicknesses. It can be reversed for use on either side of the blade, and two or more featherboards can be linked to span long workpieces.

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