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These blades are an upgrade to the one included with the saws. Their steel plates are hardened to Rc43-46, have a titanium coating for improved wear resistance and have laser-cut expansion slots to help prevent vibration, noise and heat build-up. Blade teeth are made of long-life C4 tungsten carbide to resist dulling and accept re-sharpening many times. The blades are precision balanced and fully tensioned to reduce run-out. Recommended operating speed is 5000 rpm.

The 40-tooth blade has teeth with a 10° ATB (alternate top bevel) and a 15° face hook, making it well suited to general use on softwoods and hardwoods. The 80-tooth blade has teeth with a 40° high ATB and 5° negative face hook for exceptionally clean cuts in plywood, melamine and MDF. Each blade fits a 5/8" arbor and produces a 1/8" kerf.


SawStop 40-Tooth Saw Blade
Item #: 95T0520
SawStop Model #: BTS-R-40ATB

SawStop 80-Tooth Saw Blade
Item #: 95T0521
SawStop Model #: BTS-P-80HATB

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