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Lightweight and portable, the Jobsite Pro offers the same unique safety system found on the larger SawStop models: a braking system that can reduce a potentially severe injury to just a minor cut. Within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact between your skin and the saw blade, the braking system automatically stops the blade, then retracts it under the saw's table and shuts off power to the saw's motor. All of this happens quicker than the eye can see and certainly faster than anyone's ability to respond. Should the system ever activate, the cartridge used to stop the blade and the blade itself are easy to replace, allowing you and your saw to return to normal operation in as little as 90 seconds.

The saw has a 24 5/8" deep aluminum table. Its solid hi-low T-style fence slides easily and locks firmly with the push of the innovative ErgoLock (25 1/2" rip capacity to right of blade). The left-tilting blade can be set to bevel angles ranging from -1° to 46° in quick 1° increments; further adjustments can be made with the fine-tuning feature. Blade elevation is controlled with a unique handwheel mechanism that covers the full range of adjustment in just one turn. The included active dust collection blade guard has separately hinged side panels to minimize exposure of the blade, yet still allow good blade visibility. An under-table shroud harnesses the momentum of the spinning blade to direct dust to the integrated 2 1/2" collection port. The riving knife substantially reduces the chance of kick-back. The 1.5 hp universal motor connects to standard 110V AC power.

Designed for mobility, an onboard storage drawer helps keep accessories with the saw. The integrated cart makes it easy to maneuver the saw on and off vehicles and over uneven terrain. It also serves as a stable platform for saw operation. A simple, intuitive action extends the mobile cart for use and collapses the cart for easy transport. Together, the saw and cart weigh 113 lb.

If you are unable to pick up this saw at a store, contact the location nearest you for a shipping quote, which will be based on the delivery address. For orders shipped from our main distribution warehouse, contact our Customer Service Department for shipping rates.

Accessories Included:

  • Active dust collection blade guard
  • 40-tooth blade
  • Standard blade brake cartridge
  • Jobsite Pro saw zero-clearance insert
  • Solid hi-low T-style fence with Ergolock
  • Riving knife
  • Miter gauge
  • Push stick
  • Jobsite mobile cart


Sawstop Jobsite Pro

Item #: 95T0142

SawStop Model #: JSS-120A60

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