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Durable and powerful, the TID 18 impact driver is equipped with a robust impact mechanism and an EC-TEC brushless motor for long-lasting performance, year after year. Drive screws with confidence, speed and precision with three speeds and a “T” mode for self-tapping screws.

The TSC 55 K is the crown jewel of cordless circular saws and is fully compatible with Festool FS guide rails. It features an industry-first kickback stop function to help prevent dangerous and costly kickback. Deliver perfect cuts the first time.

Stay organized and be more efficient with the addition of the SYS3 M112 Systainer3 case. Easily connect to the TID and TSC Systainer cases to move everything together as a system.

Also included is a general-purpose 28-tooth blade for the TSC 55 K that is equally adept at cross-cutting and ripping.

This kit includes:

ZC576479 TID Basic with
  • Belt clip
  • Systainer case SYS3 M 187

ZC577677 TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus with
  • 2 × BP 18 Li 5.0 ASI battery pack
  • HW fine tooth saw blade W42
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437
  • Chip collection bag
  • Hex key 5mm
  • Rapid charger TCL 6
  • Sight window
  • Splinter guard
  • ZA204840 SYS3 M112 Systainer case
  • ZA205560 Universal saw blade


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