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SawStop saws offer a safety feature unique in the industry: a braking system that can reduce a potentially severe injury to just a minor cut. Within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact between your skin and the saw blade, the braking system automatically stops the blade, retracts it under the saw’s table, and shuts off power to the saw’s motor. All of this happens quicker than the eye can see and certainly faster than anyone’s ability to respond. Should the system ever activate, the cartridge used to stop the blade and the blade itself are easy to replace, allowing you and your table saw to return to normal operation in as little as 90 seconds.

To ensure the safety system is in working order, the saw runs a self-diagnostic every time you turn on the main power switch. If an issue is detected, a pattern of LED lights indicates its source. A temporary bypass mode allows you to cut electrically conductive materials, such as very green wood, that can cause false activations. If you’re unsure about a particular piece of stock, you can make test cuts in bypass mode and the safety system’s LEDs will tell you if the material would cause it to trigger when in normal mode.

Other safety features include a blade guard, a rip fence, a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, hands-free shut-down, and the ability to disable the power switch to prevent accidental or unsupervised activation.

While the SawStop safety system is unique and effective, these are also exceptional table saws that deliver excellent cut quality, accuracy and reliability in addition to unmatched peace of mind. Fences glide smoothly yet are rigid when locked, blade height and tilt adjustments are backlash-free, and dust collection is a priority, not an afterthought.

The 10" industrial cabinet saw is SawStop's most robust model, engineered to maintain accuracy and precision while withstanding the heavy, continuous demands of production shop use. Weighing about 530 lb (weight of the saw may be greater depending on motor and fence choice), it is more than 200 lb heavier than SawStop's professional cabinet saw, with a larger, thicker table, heavier trunnions, and heavier-gauge steel used for its fence and rails. A load-bearing gas piston works in combination with precision miter gears to make blade height adjustments exceptionally fine, smooth and free from backlash despite the large mass of the components. The cast-iron front and rear trunnions have been designed to balance the weight of the motor assembly, making blade tilt adjustment equally smooth and precise. Together, even in heavy-duty use, this design maintains a tight tolerance on the alignment between the blade and miter slot at all blade heights and tilt angles, for reliable cut quality. Heavy-duty bearings and arbor and V-ribbed drive belts also contribute to exceptionally smooth transfer of motor torque, another factor in the quality of the cut edge.

The saw has a 44" × 30" table when the included cast-iron wings are attached. It is equipped with the dust collection blade guard and, like all SawStop table saws, the under-table dust collection shroud. Both have been designed to harness the momentum of the spinning saw blade to channel dust to integrated collection ports, providing an impressive solution for dust management. The industrial T-Glide fence and rail assembly is designed specifically to withstand the heavier use of this saw, including an additional 17 lb of heavier- gauge steel over the professional T-Glide model. It is equipped with magnifying indicator lenses on both sides to make setting the fence easier on either side of the blade. A choice of rails sized for a 36" or 52" rip capacity lets you easily cut wide material. Both rail options include a side table made of wood with a low-friction laminate surface.

With the choice of a 3 hp or 5 hp single-phase motor and additional options up to 7.5 hp three-phase available by special order, the industrial cabinet saw can be powered for any shop. All variants require a direct connection to the shop's electrical system.

This is a premium table saw that offers the safety of the SawStop brake technology and advanced dust collection in a package capable of providing exceptional results while withstanding continuous heavy-duty use.

Due to their size and weight, SawStop saws are available only at our retail stores. Because they can also be a challenge to transport home yourself, we offer a delivery service that is free of charge for locations within a 20km radius of our stores, with additional cost if you are located outside that limit. Please contact the location nearest you for details.


3 hp, 230V, 13A Industrial Cabinet Saw with 36" T-Glide Fence
Item #: 95T2001
SawStop Model #: ICS31230-36

3 hp, 230V, 13A Industrial Cabinet Saw with 52" T-Glide Fence
Item #: 95T2002
SawStop Model #: ICS31230-52

5 hp, 230V, 20.5A Industrial Cabinet Saw with 36" T-Glide Fence
Item #: 95T2003
SawStop Model #: ICS51230-36

5 hp, 230V, 20.5A Industrial Cabinet Saw with 52" T-Glide Fence
Item #: 95T2004
SawStop Model #: ICS51230-52

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