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For anyone who wants to learn leathercrafting, this comprehensive selection of tools and materials can help you get started. It includes a set comprising two leather-stitching chisels that let you punch evenly spaced holes for making neat saddle stitches, and an awl for piercing the leather to finish the holes if needed. Offset dividers for marking stitch lines and a sheet of split leather are supplied, as well as steel harness needles and waxed linen thread for stitching. The 48-page guide is an excellent resource that covers leatherworking basics and more. Save 14% compared to buying the items individually.

Stitching Chisels & Awl Set

These 3mm chisels have angled prongs that are diamond shaped in cross section and create 8 1/2 stitches per inch; the four-point chisel marks stitch lines along straight runs and gentle curves, while the two-point chisel is for tighter curves. The awl has an 11/16" long blade with the same cross section as the chisel points, and a sharp tip that lets you easily pierce leather by hand.

Offset Dividers

These dividers have an offset leg design that makes them a good choice for marking stitch lines in leatherworking. One leg projects slightly, allowing you to register it against the edge of the workpiece while the other scribes a line at a consistent distance up to 3" from that edge.

Split Leather

This French leather is strong and supple, with a slip-resistant, suede-like texture on both faces. It is slightly more than 1/16" thick (about 4 oz) and comes in a 30cm × 50cm (about 11 3/4" × 19 1/2") sheet.

CS Osborne Harness Needles

With the strength and rigidity needed for stitching leather, these needles have blunted tips for use with pre-punched holes made by a stitching chisel or awl. Made of nickel-plated steel to resist corrosion, the 20 gauge needles are suitable for our 0.4mm linen thread. Package of 10.

Waxed Linen Thread

With reliable strength and consistent working properties, this is excellent-quality thread for leatherworking. The light wax coating helps prevent fraying and reduces friction when drawing two threads past each other in a saddle stitch. The three-strand twisted linen thread in 0.4mm diameter comes in an 80m (262') spool.

Get Started in Leather Crafting

by Tony Laier & Kay Laier

This book begins with leathercrafting basics: leather types and uses, pattern preparation and how to use leatherworking tools such as cutters, punches and snips, along with a range of essential tools for finishing and assembly. The authors then present step-by-step instructions on various tooling techniques from carving, forming, embossing, stitching, lacing and braiding to installing hardware. Filled with color photos and helpful tips. Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 2017.

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