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This film is one of the most aggressive sharpening mediums we’ve tested. Used in the electronics industry for polishing fiber-optic components and computer hard drive heads, this durable, fast-cutting film is truly remarkable for sharpening edge tools.

The monocrystalline diamond particles have outstanding fracture resistance, and are precisely graded for size – a combination of properties that yields an abrasive that cuts at an impressive rate, yet wears slowly and produces a highly regular scratch pattern. This makes it important to work through the grits in sequence: first the 15 micron film for shaping the primary bevel, then the 3 micron for establishing a micro-bevel, and then the 0.5 micron and 0.1 micron sheets for polishing and refining the edge. The 15 micron diamond film (approximately 1000x) abrades O1, A2 and M2 steels about twice as quickly as a similar-grit silicon carbide film or water stone; successive diamond grits are comparably fast. It can take as few as four to six strokes on each grit to reach a finished edge.

The 3" × 6" PSA-backed polyester sheets are not only valuable for routine sharpening in the workshop, but are much more portable than stones, so you can readily sharpen wherever you happen to be working. Applied to a flat substrate, they can be used with water, but we have found a light oil is best for carrying away the swarf. These are excellent additions to any sharpening regimen.

Available individually or as a set of all four grits.

Made in USA.

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