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An easy way to keep your axe or hatchet sharp in the field, this pocket-size tool provides sharpening surfaces in two grits.

Longwearing, quick-cutting monocrystalline diamond abrasive is fused to both sides of a steel plate that is firmly held in the holder by a magnet. Just over 3" in diameter and nickel plated for rust resistance, the plate has 220x grit on one side for removing nicks or re-shaping an edge, and 600x grit on the other to leave a utility edge with a bit of “tooth.”

The octagonal holder affords a good grip and has a raised finger guard to keep your digits away from the edge you are sharpening. A small recess makes it easy to lift the plate and turn it over to switch grits.

Not only for axes, it works equally well for sharpening garden implements and other edged tools for outdoor use. Comes with a convenient storage pouch.

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