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Formulated for deep casting in a single pour (up to 50mm deep), this epoxy resin excels for use in making river tables. It cures through a chemical reaction that releases less heat than other epoxies, which helps avoid shrinkage after curing.

Water clear with no optical distortion, it contains UV inhibitors to help minimize yellowing after prolonged light exposure. (Yellowing varies with direct or indirect light and design variables such as the resin cast thickness or the lightfastness rating of any pigments used.)

A two-part system; mix ratio is two parts resin to one part hardener by volume. Cures at temperatures ranging from 65°to 77°F (18° to 25°C) with a humidity level below 70%. Can be de-molded in 3 to 4 days; fully cures in about 21 days. Shelf life is 1 year in sealed containers.

Compatible, complementary pigments and metallic powders for creating a variety of visual effects are available separately.

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