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Originally made for preparing precise paint mixtures in auto body shops, these cups have plenty of woodworking uses, eliminating guesswork when mixing two-part epoxies, blending stains or diluting finish.

They have standard metric and Imperial volume graduations, as well as additional sets of markings for accurately mixing components in specific ratios. Another scale divides each cup’s total volume into tenths – helpful when mixing a large batch in exactly the same proportions used in a smaller test batch, for example.

Cups come in three sizes. The 1 pint (473ml) cup is graduated to 11 fl oz and 300ml, the 1 quart (946ml) size is graduated to 26 fl oz and 750ml, and the 2 1/2 quart (2.37 litre) size is graduated to 64 fl oz and 2000ml.

Made of a sturdy, flexible plastic, the cup can be squeezed to form a spout for a controlled pour. To clean the cup for reuse, many materials can be peeled out neatly after hardening.

Made in USA.

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