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BeaverCraft is a small manufacturer that has been producing well-made yet inexpensive carving tools in Kyiv, Ukraine, since 2014. Despite the enormous challenges they face operating in a war zone, they continue to build both their product line and their reputation among woodcarvers.

With this kit, you can carve a form of centuries-old Celtic folk art known as a lovespoon, a decorative wooden spoon carved with a distinctive interlaced handle design, which was traditionally given as a token of affection. The kit comes with a 1" radius hook knife, a sloyd-style knife with a 2 1/4" blade, a 7 3/4" × 3" × 1" roughed-out linden spoon blank, a carving pattern, sharpening abrasive, honing compound and a leather strop, a roll of high-friction guard tape to protect fingers and improve grip, a pencil and an instruction booklet. To supplement the illustrated instructions, the kit includes a link to an online video showing every step.

Supplied sharpened and honed, ready for use, the high-carbon steel knife blades make precise, controlled cuts; with a little regular edge maintenance, they should continue to yield good results for years to come.

Not available for shipment to Quebec.

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