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BeaverCraft is a small manufacturer that has been producing well-made yet inexpensive carving tools in Kyiv, Ukraine, since 2014. Despite the enormous challenges they face operating in a war zone, they continue to build both their product line and their reputation among woodcarvers.

The four tools in this set were chosen as an ideal starter set for anyone interested in spoon carving. It includes a 30mm radius hook knife for hollowing concave forms, a sloyd-style carving knife with a 3" blade, a 15mm bent carving gouge with a #5 sweep, and a detail carving knife with a 1 5/8" blade and an ergonomically shaped handle. All tools have high-carbon steel blades fitted to sculpted ash handles, and measure approximately 6 1/2" to 8" long overall. Supplied sharpened and honed, ready for use, the blades make precise, controlled cuts; with a little regular edge maintenance, they should continue to yield good results for years to come.

The set also includes honing compound and a leather strop, and comes in a form-fitted wooden presentation box, which has an articulated wooden hinge that opens like the cover of a book.

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