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Even in the absence of sparks or open flame, rags or cloths soaked with flammable oils, finishes and stains can spontaneously combust if handled improperly, presenting a serious and sometimes unexpected fire hazard. Having this all-metal waste can in the workshop or on a job site helps prevent such risk.

Operated hands-free with a sturdy foot pedal, its self-closing cover restricts oxygen needed for combustion yet permits limited air circulation through the base to disperse heat build-up.

The 6 gallon (23 litre) container is 16" high by 12" in diameter, and has a durable powder-coat finish and a carrying handle. It is marked "empty every night" in compliance with safety regulations for certain work areas. Check your local hazardous-waste collection site for information on rag disposal.

CSA listed. Made in USA.

Not available for shipment to Québec.

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