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Oneida Air Systems has a well-earned reputation for providing industrial-grade dust management tools for smaller workshops, creating compact systems with high airflow and efficient dust collection. This dust collector is ideal for garage and basement workshops, where size and noise are critical factors. The whole unit fits inside a 47" × 30" footprint, including the collection drum, and it is remarkably quiet in operation – at roughly 76 dB, it is not much louder than a household vacuum cleaner.

With a high-efficiency impeller and a 1.5 hp motor providing up to 949 cubic feet per minute of airflow, it has the power and capacity to work with a large collection network and machines with heavy dust output. In addition, a remote control and a full container warning light make it easy to use from anywhere in your workshop.

It works through cyclonic separation; as debris enters the vortex, centrifugal force concentrates the particles at the periphery, where they slow and descend in the conical chamber to fall into the collection drum. This separates up to 99% of dust and debris from the airflow before it reaches the filter, so the filter loads more slowly and suction loss is minimized.

The filter itself is a HEPA-rated cartridge with 95 square feet of surface area, capable of stopping particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. In practical terms, this means it stops the fine dust produced by machines as well as the bigger particles, keeping the air and surfaces of your workshop cleaner. A non-stick coating on the pleated filter facilitates cleaning with compressed air, greatly extending filter life.

Dust and chips fall into a 35 gallon drum underneath the cyclone via a short 7" diameter hose; the flexible connection makes it easy to disconnect for changing the 24" × 60" bags. The included fill sensor uses an infrared beam to gauge the level of the contents; when it reaches a pre-set height (adjustable on the sensor), it activates a flashing light to notify you.

Provided with a 7" O.D. inlet; a reduction fitting (not included) is required to connect to smaller-diameter hoses or pipes.

A worthwhile investment for your workshop.


Motor: 1.5 hp

Amps: 16A (20A breaker recommended)

Volts: 110V

Hertz: 60 Hz

Airflow max: 949 cfm (7" inlet)

Sound rating (10' away): 72 to 76 dB

Filtration rating (microns): 0.3µ

Bag size (Dia. × L): 24" × 60"

Bag capacity: 5.6 cu.ft. (35 gal./159 litres)

Dimensions (L × W × H): 47" × 30" × 87"

Weight: 189 lb

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