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This low-profile vise is similar to a wagon vise in function, but in a compact, self-contained form for easy installation in a work surface, adding a permanent, adjustable dog right where it's needed.

Designed to hold work between its single jaw and an external stop such as a bench dog, it has a clamping capacity that is limited only by the size and dog-hole spacing of your work surface. The knurled stainless-steel toggle handle turns a 1/2" diameter Acme-threaded steel rod to move the jaw in a 4" range of travel. The 1/2" tall, 1 3/16" wide jaw has two jaw-mounting positions spaced 3 7/8" apart for compatibility with dog-hole spacing up to 7 3/4". A keyway in the jaw face accepts a #10 nut for affixing custom shop-built jaws. When the vise is not in use, the jaw can be removed whenever you need an unobstructed work surface.

The vise installs flush in a stepped mortise in any surface at least 1 1/4" thick (instructions and mounting hardware provided). Constructed of machined steel castings and anodized aluminum extrusions.

Optional pivoting and low-profile jaws are available separately.

Made in Canada.

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