Accessibility Statement


Modelled after a bench hook patented in 1900 by Rollin P. Whipple, this simple one-piece fitting lets you add a pair of useful stops to a workbench or job-site work surface in the time it takes to drive two screws.

The horizontal face functions as a 1 3/4" wide and up to 7/16" high stop for planing material 1/2" thick or more, holding your stock in place without obstructing the tool.

To secure work held vertically, you can brace stock against the 1 3/8" wide stop on the front face, or use it much like a crochet to capture panels up to 9/16" thick behind it. The height of each stop is easily adjusted with the addition of a third screw (optional).

Both faces have toothed edges to help prevent your workpiece from shifting. Made of stainless steel; screws not included.

Designed for right-handed use.

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