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Modelled after a workbench fixture depicted in André Roubo’s classic 18th-century cabinet-making text L’Art du Menuisier, this is a simple, effective way to secure boards when planing their faces.

Just 1/4" thick, the low-profile stop lets you work thin stock without obstructing the plane. Mounted to the end of a wooden post that you make and inset into your benchtop, it can be raised whenever needed or recessed with a few hammer taps so it's out of the way when not in use.

The 1 3/4" wide face provides a reliable registration surface, while its steep inward cant and prominent saw teeth milled into the edge bite firmly into the wood, helping to prevent it from shifting.

The stop mounts with two 2 3/4" long machine bolts that seat in a double-tapped barrel nut, anchoring the stop securely yet permitting easy removal for sharpening if needed.

Made in USA.

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