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Designed for fast adjustment, these robust bench vises have a quick-release mechanism for easy operation. A single counterclockwise turn disengages the screw, so you can position the work with one hand while quickly tightening the vise with the other.

The movable jaw is canted slightly inward, so the jaws first meet at the top as they close. As clamping force increases, this jaw becomes parallel with the fixed jaw, distributing force evenly for a secure hold. The cold-drawn steel twin guide bars prevent racking. Through-drilled jaws accept user-made face-plate attachments, and the movable jaw has an adjustable steel dog.

The small vise has 4" × 7" jaws that open to maximum of 9" and weighs 36 lb. The large version has 4" × 10" jaws with a 13" holding capacity and weighs 39 lb. Both vises can be installed on 2 1/4" benchtops; thinner tops require blocking, while thicker tops must be mortised to accommodate the mechanism. The small vise requires a space 14 1/2" deep for the spindle and guide rods; the large requires a space 17 3/4" deep.

Both have machined jaws with a durable baked enamel finish. An extra nut is included that allows conversion to a continuous-acting vise. Excellent vises, whether you are building a new bench or retrofitting an old one.

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