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Inspired by a vise that Joseph Moxon described in the 17th century, this hardware lets you build a portable twin-screw vise that can be secured anywhere on a benchtop. What's more, this design lets you elevate the work to a comfortable height, so you can make close cuts without stooping. The two 8" long 3/4" Acme-threaded vise screws and 5" diameter cast-iron handwheels are precision-machined for remarkably smooth, low-friction operation.

Since the handwheels operate independently and the floating wooden jaw (called a "chop") has elliptical screw holes, the jaw can be skewed to hold tapered workpieces securely. As well, once the coarse jaw opening is set, you need only give one wheel a quick spin to snug up on the work or release it. The instructions include an option to create a "benchtop bench" with a small work surface behind the jaws for support when scribing dovetails.

You supply all wooden parts; requires two 1 3/4" thick by 5 1/2" tall hardwood jaws (one 32" long, the other 36"). 2 1/4" maximum opening. Clamps or holdfasts for benchtop mounting not included. Kit includes two screws, four threaded nuts, two hand-wheels, a jaw liner and instructions.

Depending on supply, the jaw liner is made from either suede leather or Crubber (a composite material made of natural cork and rubber).

Made in USA.