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This is massive vise hardware, with 2 1/2" diameter threads CNC-milled from solid sugar maple, a wood that combines hardness with a close grain structure to hold crisp detail and resist chipping and wear. The fit and finish are exceptional; the screw turns smoothly and evenly in the nut, the handle ends are securely attached and padded with rubber O-rings, and the wood is sanded to 220x, ready for finish.

Besides giving your bench a traditional look, the 2 tpi wooden screws have a faster operation than metal screws, and require no rust-inhibiting lubricant that can stain work. We offer two vise kits, each with installation instructions plus all the special parts and mounting hardware required.

With the leg vise kit, you can build a vise that offers a large clamping surface unobstructed by guide rods, allowing stock to be held in a variety of orientations. Includes a screw that is 23 3/4" long overall with a 17 1/2" threaded portion, a nut block measuring 9" × 4" × 2 3/4", a two-piece brass external garter plate to link the jaw to the screw, and a handle. The screw is grooved for the supplied external garter; a secondary groove allows use with a user-made internal garter.

The tail vise kit is for making a surface-clamping vise to hold stock between bench dogs. In the wagon-style design, the moving jaw (called a dog block) is surrounded by the bench top, providing excellent workpiece support. It resists sagging, unlike a cantilevered vise. Capacity is limited only by the length of the work surface, and since clamping force is closely aligned with the screw axis, the vise cannot rack. Kit includes a vise screw that is 16" long overall with an 11 1/4" threaded portion, a nut block measuring 9" × 4" × 2 3/4", a brass mounting plate for attaching the dog block to the screw, a pair of 4" × 1" × 3/4" UHMW plastic runners for smooth dog block travel, two 14" long wooden rails and a handle.

Whether used to construct a new bench or as a retrofit to an existing one, these are excellent vises.

Made in USA.

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