Accessibility Statement

These stones are the workhorses of many woodshops. Precisely graded sharpening media are bonded to create a stone that is durable yet fast cutting. Each of the 10 color-coded single-grit solid stones in the series measures 210mm × 70mm × 15mm (8 1/4" × 2 3/4" × 5/8") and is supplied in a color-matched live-hinge plastic storage case that also serves as a stand. Four urethane feet on the vented case bottom give a good grip, while molded ribs on the case lid hold the stone in place. Both sides of the stone are usable.

Most applications require the use of two to four stones, selected to suit the application or type of steel being sharpened. Ideally you would use a selection of stones that would entail spending an equal amount of time sharpening with each. The orange 1000x used with the wine 5000x stone is commonly recommended to start. Another good option is the blue 1500x or the green 2000x in combination with the melon 8000x, especially if eventually using the purple 30,000x stone is a possibility. (Shapton recommends using the melon 8000x stone immediately before using the purple 30,000x as the best interval in grit difference.) 

All Kuromaku stones can be used with the Shapton stone holder, field holder and pond. They can also be used as oil stones, but then must continue to be used with oil only. Each stone weighs just shy of 20 oz (550g).