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Based in the U.K., Eli-Chem produces superior-quality durable epoxy resin systems developed for the art, design and restoration markets.

For use with Eli-Chem’s casting resins, these highly concentrated pigments disperse readily in the clear resin, producing high color saturation. In addition to color intensity (red is a true, rich red, not a shade of pink), they have a lightfastness rating of 6 (up to 100 years) or 8 (more than 100 years) with indirect UV exposure, depending on the color.

Mix ratio is one part pigment to 500 parts epoxy. A translucent effect can be achieved at a greatly reduced mix ratio in the range of 1000 to 2500:1, depending on the color. You can achieve an approximation by substituting an equivalent amount of water for the epoxy as a test.

The tints are supplied in economical 10g (0.4 oz) pots, making it affordable to have a range of colors on hand. At a 500:1 ratio, 10g of tint will color 5 litres of resin.