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Yielding results comparable to solvent-based stains, this high-quality water-based dye stain is low in harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and cleans up easily with soap and water.

It produces an intense, transparent and lightfast hue that penetrates wood deeply. Applied by brushing, spraying or wiping, it is used to produce an even color base, and to tint water-based varnishes to make toners. It contains a small amount of acrylic resin to minimize grain raising and prevent top coats from picking up color.

The stain dries in 2 to 4 hours; apply additional coats if a very dark tint is desired. Colors can be intermixed for custom tints. Can be top-coated with water- or oil-based varnish, shellac, or nitrocellulose lacquer.

Available in one-quart (946ml/32 fl oz) cans. Coverage is approximately 150 sq.ft./qt.

Made in USA.

(Not available in California or Oregon.)