Accessibility Statement
With a thick consistency, this stain has a slow absorption rate to extend its working time, allowing greater control over how heavily it penetrates the wood. This makes it easier to regulate color intensity or avoid blotchy, uneven results on hard-to-stain woods such as pine, cherry and oak.

Containing a blend of pigment, oils and urethane, it can be applied with a cloth, brush or pad, drying in 6 to 8 hours under ideal conditions. Its high resin content makes it suitable as a final satin finish, providing good protection against water, alcohol and abrasion. Can be top-coated with oil-based polyurethane or General Gel Topcoat for increased durability or sheen.

Available in one-quart (946ml/32 fl oz) containers; coverage is about 200 sq.ft.

Made in USA.