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Founded in Sweden in 1982, Allbäck combines knowledge of centuries-old European craft traditions with modern manufacturing methods to make products from high-quality natural ingredients.

A blend of purified linseed oil and beeswax, this is a simple non-toxic finish. Solvent-free, safe and easy to apply, it has a low environmental impact.

Excellent as a stand-alone satin sheen finish that provides moderate water and wear resistance, it also works well for top-coating linseed-oil painted surfaces for additional moisture resistance, increased sheen, or to refresh worn or faded color.

It contains natural pigments that add color to raw wood and can be intermixed to produce custom shades. Also used for antiquing and adding highlights to linseed-oil painted surfaces.

After applying the wax with a sponge, cloth or stiff brush, simply allow it to penetrate the surface and wipe off excess with a clean cloth. Drying time is about 24 hours at room temperature; fully cures in about a week. Repairs or renewal couldn’t be simpler; just apply some fresh finish.

Not available for shipment to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont or Washington.

We also carry Allbäck zinc oxide additive and linseed oil paint, soap and boiled oil, which, along with the linseed oil wax, function as a system of compatible, complementary products.