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Yielding results comparable to solvent-based stains, this high-quality water-based pigment stain is low in harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and cleans up easily with soap and water.

With a creamy consistency, the stain is easy to spread with a brush, rag or soft pad. The slow-drying formula allows the time needed to control saturation and achieve uniform blotch-free coverage, even on difficult-to-stain woods such as pine, birch, cherry, plywood and veneers.

The stain dries in 2 to 4 hours; apply additional coats if a very dark tint is desired. Colors can be intermixed for custom tints. Can be top-coated with water- or oil-based varnish, shellac, or nitrocellulose lacquer.

Available in one-quart (946ml/32fl oz) cans. Coverage is approximately 150 sq.ft./qt.

Made in USA.

(Not available in California or Oregon.)