Accessibility Statement

Osmo is a leading German company that has been producing wood finishes since 1964. Made with ecological responsibility and sustainability in mind, their high-quality finishes use natural and readily renewable vegetable oils and waxes.

Available in a wide variety of tints, these easy-to-apply finishes are both a stain and a finish in one formulation, making them an excellent choice for interior woodwork.

Applied in a single coat, they appear translucent; additional coats increase opacity and color saturation. On their own, they produce a sheen between matte and satin and can be top-coated with Polyx for increased sheen and durability. Forgiving to apply, they allow you to use a variety of methods (brush, roller, buffing pad or cloth), and a dust-free environment is not required. You don’t need to sand between coats, which makes future repairs straightforward.

They offer moderate resistance to water, alcohol and mild acids, and are suitable for a range of interior applications, from flooring and doors to furniture. Non-toxic once cured, they are safe for food contact and comply with European standards for child safety (EN 71.3).

We also carry a selection of Osmo’s intensive wood wax finishes formulated for increased color intensity and saturation.