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While it may sound like a book for secret agent gardeners, this is actually a great guide for expanding your gardening months in areas with short growing seasons or drastic temperature changes. It explains how to use protective covers and structures to plant earlier, harvest later, keep pests at bay and protect crops from cold, heat and sudden changes in the weather. Jabbour gives detailed information on a wide range of covers, from shelters for individual plants to large-scale tunnels capable of protecting an entire garden, as well as organic solutions such as mulch and shade plants.

The first section introduces the basics of covered gardening, including how to choose what kind of cover to use, the different applications and techniques for small and large covers, setting up ventilation and irrigation systems, and advice on topics such as germination, transplant shock, and humidity in covered gardens.

The second section provides in-depth advice for 24 plants and vegetables, ranging from arugula to watermelon, with recommendations for planting and tending them and the specific challenges to growing them under covers and shelters of different kinds.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 215 pages, 2020.

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