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The U-bar digger (or broadfork, as it is sometimes called) has been written up in gardening literature and wanted by serious gardeners for many years. There are a couple of versions on the market, but they are prone to bending or breaking under normal use. After researching available literature, we tested other models, took their best points, and have designed what we think is the best U-bar digger available.

Used to loosen garden beds at the beginning of the season, the digger provides results similar to a spade and fork; however, rather than turning the soil, it loosens it without disturbing the soil strata. Loosening down 10" or more, it produces a deeply aerated planting bed.

The two long handles provide extraordinary leverage, allowing a person of average strength to loosen large areas of garden in a fraction of the time it would take with a conventional spade and fork. Not suitable for clay or densely packed soil. Measuring 58" overall, it has five 10" long high-strength alloy steel tines that span 18". Weighs 19 lb. All-metal construction with comfortable handgrips. Handles are removable for easy storage.

Made in Canada.

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