Accessibility Statement


Special buy. Limited stock.

We were able to get a great deal from the manufacturer on this discontinued wearable trug.

Like the larger-size version we’ve sold for years, this compact carrier lets you work hands-free when harvesting, deadheading and weeding in the garden. The smaller model, however, can be a more convenient size for a range of other activities, from berry picking and beachcombing to carrying seeds, fasteners or other small items while you work.

It has a concave back for a close, comfortable fit on the hip, held snug in the included neoprene holster that clips to a belt or pocket so it stays put even when you kneel or crouch. The trug slides out of the holster to be emptied and cleans up easily after messy jobs.

At 6" tall, it holds 1.5 litres (about 5 cups).

Available at an excellent price while quantities last, this is a well-designed multi-purpose tote.

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