Accessibility Statement


This hoe is a joy to use. It is extremely lightweight with a thin blade designed for cutting weeds, not moving earth.

The blade is offset so the bottom edge is in line with the bottom edge of the handle (hence the name collinear). This keeps the blade travelling in a straight line even after hitting an obstruction.

Designs where the leading edge of the hoe is forward of the handle line (more usual) require more effort to keep the blade under control. The hoe is designed to be used in a sweeping motion beside you, rather than in front of you.

The two included blades are 6" and 4" wide and are easily removed for sharpening or for replacing. The 4" blade is most suited for use around closely spaced plants.

The tool is 66" overall with a 60" hardwood handle, long enough to allow you to work with your back straight.

One of the best weeding hoes available.