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These professional loppers were the clear favorite of our testers. Simple in design, they are strong and lightweight, featuring forged carbon-steel blades, aluminum handles with a UV-resistant, baked enamel coating, and wide bumpers that cushion blade closure to reduce elbow fatigue.

The 16" version weighs 1 1/2 lb and has a 1 1/4" cutting capacity; it combines the compact size of a hand pruner with the extra reach and leverage of a lopper for a small, two-handed tool that is easily carried in your tool belt.

The 36" version (weighs 2 lb 13 oz) is the best all-purpose lopper we could find, providing a clean cut on branches up to 1 3/4" in diameter.

Both are comfortable, well-balanced tools with a deep sap groove, self-aligning pivot bolt, and nut-retaining clip (to prevent loosening) – subtle design features that increased our appreciation for the quality of these loppers.