Discontinued. Limited stock.

Powered string trimmers are destructive of small trees. If you get too close to the tree the trimmer will cut the strip of bark around the trunk. Once the tree is ringed, the photosynthesizing leaves can no longer feed the roots. The tree may look fine for the rest of that year, but will almost certainly die over the winter. Lawnmowers also cause damage when the mower housing bumps or scrapes the bark.

With this clever bark protector you can eliminate both of these sources of damage. Made of a tough, flexible poly material, it has a memory and will always try to curl back up. Wrap it around any trunk up to 4" in diameter (13" circumference) and it will defend the trunk from trimmers and mowers. Measuring 7 3/4" tall, it will last for many years and expand as the tree grows. Especially valuable with newly planted fruit trees and ornamentals.

Made in USA.