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Produced in Italy by a family-owned business that designs and manufactures cutting tools for olive harvesting, this well-made pruner stands out for its ability to perform precise, clean cuts. Designed for cutting woody material, it is practical for use with small bushes or climbing vines and is especially effective for pruning fruit trees.

It has two hot-forged carbon-steel cutting blades with a flat profile for making close cuts to reduce the risk of bark scarring. A stop planed in the steel at the base of the blades allows the cutters to close precisely, preventing them from crossing one another and damaging the sharp edges. To ensure efficient cutting, a blocking plate mounted above the blades’ surfaces keeps dirt and bark from accumulating and hindering blades from closing properly.

The aluminum handles have a non-slip coating to allow a firm grip. Cutting capacity up to 1/2". Suitable for right- or left-hand use.

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