Accessibility Statement


For harvesting blooms and deadheading, this pruner has a pair of curved brackets alongside the blades to grip the stem while cutting it, so you can reach into foliage, select a bloom and retrieve the cutting, all with one hand.

Based on the popular #11 Felco, it measures 8 1/2" long with a 2" blade made of high-quality steel, precisely hollow ground and hardened for durability. A locking catch keeps the blades closed so you can carry the pruner safely in a pocket; it can also be set so the handles open only halfway after each cut, minimizing effort when making repeated cuts, particularly for those with smaller hands. Handles are forged manganese-aluminum alloy coated with insulating plastic grips. Blade and all parts are replaceable.

An excellent tool for plucking a single prize blossom or gathering a whole bouquet.

Made in Switzerland.

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